Little Lulu taking a break after her first training session.

Anxiety Service Dogs

Do you or your child suffer from severe anxiety or an anxiety disorder? If so, you may consider the benefits of a service dog. Anxiety service dogs help calm their owner during anxiety attacks and help keep them grounded day to day.

Our service dog training program is an in-home training program that helps you train your dog the way you want. We teach you how to train and control your dog. This program will ensure a well behaved service dog that will be able to go just about everywhere.

We can train your existing dog if they qualify or we can help you find the perfect dog.

Anxiety Emotional Support Dogs

If you suffer from anxiety but it's not severe enough to need a dog with you all the time, an Emotional Support Dog may be a good option. Emotional Support Dogs work primarily at home to assist with anxiety disorders. These dogs can not be taken everywhere like service dogs can.

Our Emotional Support Dog training program is an in-home training program geared towards ensuring your dog has the best behavior possible. By law emotional support dogs do not require any real training, however a badly behaved one can result in evictions or being removed from planes or hotels. We teach you how to train and control your dog so you can live and travel without worries.

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Next Steps...

If you are interested in either a Service Dog or Emotional Support Dog, give us a call for more information on getting started.