Behavioral balanced dog training for dogs with a wide variety of backgrounds and issues.

Paw Pads Academy is designed to help you with your behaviorally troubled dog, and to address your specific needs and goals. Following a reward-based training philosophy, will set your dog up for success at the start, our dog trainer will continue to work with you and your dog until you have achieved the level of success you desire.

Why Paw Pads Academy?

Do you feel like your dog rules over your house? Does your dog cause mayhem and stress for you and your family? We can help you take back your home and give your dog the structure it needs. Do you feel that your dog is beyond help? Contact us first before giving up, we are very proud of our success in dealing with dogs who suffer from anxiety and aggression.  Do you want your dog or puppy taught the basics? We are here to help!

Contact Us Now!

If you feel that your dog needs professional help, contact us and we’ll set up a date and time for your initial in-home consultation. We can be reached either by calling us at 405.930.7495,  or through our Contact Us page . We can help you find the best training solution for your dog.